Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Raquel Welch nude

Raquel Welch nude

Greetings from the web and welcome to this unknown website that is dedicated to Raquel Welch nude pictures and all other data regarding her… All of her friends will find a lot of stuff to do here and they won’t be bored.

Please meet this quote from her. “Being a sex symbol was rather like being a convict.” I don’t know what makes her think that but this is something that I totally disagree with. We all know she is a sex symbol but that is not a verdict, it is a compliment. That means a lot of men would masturbate on your posters all day long and everybody had your pictures in their room. This is just another type of glory but very sexual one. I believe this is what any other woman would just dream about. Everybody wants to be a sex symbol, but unfortunately not everybody has that kind of gorgeous body to be one. So let’s see how Raquel’s body looks like in details.

Take any of those photos of Raquel Welch nude where you can see her major parts like butt and boobs. Don’t ask me why you should do that. Just take that picture and open her on your desktop. Next thing we will do is describing her body and what is on it. Let’s do this together so follow me.

As I always do I am going to start with her hairs. I love red women as they are the most passionate among the rest of them. How do I know that? Just because of my life experience that has made me to sleep over with one red and that night I won’t ever forget. She was so good that after that I was curious about whether all women that passionate. So I went to find another one red and things were pretty fine and this is not myth. You should try it one day. Anyway, Raquel is so amazing when she dyes her hair in red and I love when she has got long ones.

Ok, five out of five for that hairstyle and next thing we are going to do would be appreciating her forms.

Starting with Raquel Welch boobs I am going to have to say that she has an amazing big size, but not too huge. In 80’s all people were saying the same thing that she has got so perfect tits that any other woman would jealous pretty much. I would grab those babies and start to play with them. Also, I think every single man would like to put his penis between those babies and then cum on them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t forget to back me up if you think I’m right. Marvelous boobs, thank you very much Raquel.

And now, here comes the scariest part of that review. Have you already seen those fresh pics of Raquel Welch naked? If yes, then you should know she is 69 years old right now and some of you might have puked right now after realizing that they were masturbating on a woman that could be their grandma. But don’t worry too much as she is not yours granny… or is she? I bet you still cannot believe what I have just said. It seems that this woman knows how to look young and sexy even at that age. Surely, no doubts that she has made at least two plastic surgeries.

The last thing I want you to do before you start masturbating on Raquel Welch nude photos, would be checking out her big and curvy ass. I hope it won’t scare you to see it without panties as she might have a cellulite.

At the last, I have saved another quote so you just feel kind of entertained. In 1973 she was having an affair and that is what made her saying this quote. “I couldn't stand that my husband was being unfaithful. I am Raquel- understand?” First of all, I don’t know what kind of stupid bastard would cheat on that woman. It is like changing your pent house on some apartment in the downtown. This is pretty stupid and I can’t understand why he would do that for. Another thing that is pretty much unclear is that I don’t think there was any other hot woman back in 70’s that her husband could reach and cheat. Just show me that woman and I will tell you if that was worth it. Poor baby, I feel very sorry for her and I hope that her husband has learned his lesson.

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